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Cost-Effective Radio Recording For MOTOTRBO


Teldio’s Radio to Radio recording solution (R2R) allows network administrators to record, log and playback group calls from the MOTOTRBO™ radio network. The recording and logging of conversations is automatic, completely seamless and unintrusive to radio users.

R2R captures conversations transmitted between radio users grouped together in a talkgroup as well as group & private telephone calls made between phone and radio users with the addition of Teldio’s RBX. The application only records voice transmissions so that dead air is never captured.

The information transmitted between radio users can be valuable data for companies looking back on past events, emergency situations, and how customer requests were handled. This application provides the necessary solution for businesses to increase operational accountability, minimize legal liabilities, improve training material, and refine customer service.

Key Benefits

  • Increase customer service assurance by reviewing response actions to client requests.
  • Improve training with the use of real-life material and examples.
  • Minimize legal liability by reviewing the radio recordings of specific incidents.
  • Significantly improve accountability by reviewing the response of specific workers or talk groups.
  • Enhance audit trails with the audio data of radio-to-radio and phone-to-radio communications.

Key Features

  • Intelligent recording: no dead air is ever captured.
  • Files are saved in .wav format for easy download and playback.
  • Detailed recording information (date & time, channel, talkgroup & radio ID).
  • Records 1000s of hours of audio that can be pushed for backup for archiving and safekeeping.
  • R2R can record radio conversations on both local and wide-area channels.
  • Intuitive interface for simple navigation.
  • During playback of the recorded file, see where the audio is in order to replay, skip over silence, etc.
  • Search through all your recordings by simply selecting a Channel, Talkgroup and/or Radio ID.


System Requirements And Types

  • Radio Hardware/Releases Compatibility:
    • 1 XPR 4000 or 5000 series control station (base radio) per channel (Conventional Mode) or Talkgroup (Trunked) to be recorded.
  • Computer Hardware/Operating Systems:
    • Intel® Core™2 Quad / Intel® Core™2 Duo / Intel® Pentium® or similar, Windows 7 Professional 64-Bit / Windows 8 Professional 64-Bit / Windows Server 2008/2012, 4GB 1333MHz Dual Channel DDR3 SDRAM or higher.
    • Minimum 160GB Hard Drive, Integrated: 10/100/1000 Ethernet LAN on system board, minimum four (4) externally accessible USB Ports, Sound Card per Control Station.
  • Compatible with IP Site Connect, Capacity Plus, Linked Capacity Plus, Connect Plus & Capacity Max.

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